About Me

ShawnandLizWhere to begin? I could give you my bio — basically a thirty-something year old man with a wife and 3 kids. I work in a school district in Michigan as the Technology Director. UPDATE: I’m also an Associate Editor for Linux Journal. I own guitars, but don’t play them often or well. I collect video files (TV Shows, movies, etc). I enjoy watching documentaries, Star Trek, and Stargate. I like to read, but sometimes lose interest in a book and don’t finish it.

Now, about the inner me? Guts mainly. Some bones. Seriously though, I am someone who thinks a lot. A whole lot. I’m a dreamer much more than a doer, but deep down I’d like to make a difference in the world. I’m extremely introverted, so that will probably never happen. UPDATE: I just got a really kind email pointing out that indeed I am making a difference in the world, and my statement was a bit disheartening. I’m flattered, and so I redact it. Take that introversion. 😉

I’m also a Christian. I guess I should have said I was a Christian first, and the other stuff is secondary, but honestly, while evangelism is important — it’s not why I am writing this blog. If I started by saying I’m Christian, I may have given the impression that my ultimate goal here was to preach. Again, I’m not saying evangelism isn’t important, I’m just saying it’s not the purpose of this blog. (See, I told you I thought way too much…)

If you want to know a little about how I tick, I’ll tell you that I’m an INTP personality type (Or an INFP, depending on how willing I am to admit my feelings). I’m not a genius, but I’m also not an intellectual idiot (social idiot may be debatable…)

So that’s me. Go ahead and read my page regarding faith to see how I wrap my scientifically oriented brain around matters of divinity…

Feel free to drop me an email: shawn@brainofshawn.com