That’s Right Ladies, He Was SINGLE

I know, it’s hard to believe, but this fine piece of 12 year old geek was single. Mind you, he had a TI-99/4A computer, a black and white television, and a laminated library card — but no woman could hold him down. In fact, it was so obvious to them, that none tried. 😀 I […]

Four Tens

Because 3 day weekends are amazing. And no one does anything really productive on Friday anyway. So c’mon world, why not adopt a 4 day work week? Also, I think the extra day should be Friday. Face it, the first day back from the weekend (regardless of duration) will stink. Monday already has that stink […]

Why Smart People Do Dumb Things: Procrastination

L. O. L. You can’t make this stuff up, I found this post in my “Drafts” section of WordPress’ dashboard. Dated August 10th. I think posting it like this is actually better than finishing my original thoughts on the matter, which I assure you were profound. 😀 Why yes, I did start this post about […]

My New Year’s Resolutions

I figure, if I make them publicly, I’ll have slightly more motivation to keep them. In the end, it won’t likely matter, because let’s face it — you aren’t the boss of me. (Well, not true, a few of you might actually be the boss of me. Your powers are limited to the ability of […]

The Grinch Didn’t Suffer From A Small Heart

Based on photographic evidence, The Grinch had acute liver failure. Poor guy, with his sociopathic tendencies, he’ll never get on the transplant list.

This Sort of Thing is New for Me!

Yes, I realize it’s silly. Yes, I realize it’s cheesy. But still, for some reason being in an ad is full of awesome. Natuba in @linuxjournal. Welcome Natubatons! Posted on Natuba

Truckcam: Chevy S-10 Edition

New truck, new truckcam. 🙂

Ohio Linux – We’ve Got Your Number!

Lydia and I got a little geeky, for a good cause. 🙂 (Like we need an excuse…)

Twitter is Down!

If I have to poop, the world might never know!!!

Washing Out Your Brain

Have you ever heard of “Neti Pots” ? Apparently Oprah told the world how awesome they are, and now doctors are recommending them. Last week when I went to urgent care about a headache, sure enough the guy suggested I use a “Neti Pot” type thing. Actually, he suggested the Binford 2000 variety that uses […]