In Which I Make a Fool of Myself for a Good Cause

Tomorrow is it. With all my crazy health problems of late, I haven’t done anywhere close to the fundraising I hoped to do, but regardless — tomorrow I’ll be golfing 50 holes. Again due to the health stuff, I haven’t been to a driving range, so my first golf swing attempt will be on the […]

In Which Shawn Clarifies His Opinion of Westboro Baptist Church

Perhaps it’s naïveté, perhaps it’s absentmindedness, or perhaps it’s just that people don’t know me as well as I think they do — but yesterday I tweeted something that confused about half the folks who read it: The problem is that I assumed everyone would KNOW I was being completely sarcastic in regards to “thanking” Westboro. […]

Sometimes I Preach (Dec 11th)

This was my sermon from today. My normal disclaimer applies: If you don’t want to hear me preach a Christian sermon from Sunday morning, I won’t be offended. I’m not a professional, etc, etc, etc. Nonetheless, lots of people asked for these, so here ya go. 🙂 December 11, 2011 Title: “I’ve got this job […]

Sometimes I Preach (Thanksgiving Sermon)

I have been asked for audio copies of the sermons I do at church. It’s important to bear in mind that I’m not a pastor, I’m just a church leader that preaches when the need arises. I’m not a professional, but I do my best. If you aren’t interested in hearing me preach a Sunday […]

Sometimes I Preach

I don’t often post about religion or politics. Mainly because that’s not what I feel my blog is for. I just don’t want my personal blog space to be a focal point for religious and political disagreement. I want it to be a neutral ground that everyone can play in. Today, however, I figured I’d […]

Amanda Starves, So Others Don’t Have To

You may remember last year, my church youth group participated in the 30 Hour Famine to raise money for those in need. We’re doing it again this year, and our oldest girl, Amanda, is now old enough to be in youth group. I told her she could ask the people that read my blog if […]

I Got Nothin’

I’m tired. It’s been a long week. One funny story (well, funny for me): I was talking with my friend Josh this evening, and he commented that Easter week is always really busy and tiring. He’s a pastor, so I’m sure that’s the case. My response was, “Yeah, it was pretty tough on Jesus too…” […]

30 Hours Later…

Boy am I tired. This update won’t be as elaborate as I planned, because I need to get some rest — but here’s the skinny: * We had 27 kids attend the 30 Hour Famine * Our original goal was to collect $360 (This feeds a child for a year) * We raised over $3000. […]

30 Hour Famine

On March 14th & 15th, our church youth group (Donna and I are the leaders) is doing a fund raiser to help feed starving kids. It’s a 30 hour hunger strike type deal, and the kids are gaining sponsorship to send money to feed some of the 29,000 kids that die every day. This is […]

Merry Christmas

Here’s a 1:45 snippet of the culmination of 2 months worth of preparation. My wife was the director of the children’s Christmas musical at our church this year, and tonight was the performance. We’re not sure what we’re going to do with ourselves now that there won’t be 3 practices a week, with 3 times […]