Do Something Silly Day 7

Yesterday I was sick, so I didn’t post anything silly. I suppose when I tried to calm my upset stomach by eating leftover Indian food it could be considered silly, but I decided to do (2) silly things today. Here is the first. 🙂 I gotta say, purposefully doing something silly every day has been […]

Do Something Silly Day 6

Today sorta snuck up on me, or rather snuck away from me. It’s almost tomorrow, and I’ve barely been silly at all! Well, nothing brings out creativity quite like desperation. So here we go! So, it’s been almost a week. I think you should start posting some comments about the silly things you’re doing. Because […]

Do Something Silly Day 5

This may explain a few things about me. Meet my Mom. I get my silly honest. Here we are being normal. For us. 😀 If you can’t dance with your Mom, just stop in and visit mine. She’ll probably dance with you, if you’re brave enough! (PS: My Mom is awesome)

Do Something Silly Day 4

This one may not seem particularly silly, and until I did it, I didn’t think it was silly either. We were in a parade today, celebrating Independence Day, and advertising for Vacation Bible School next week. That part isn’t silly. In fact, here’s our float: Lovely, no? Yes, well the silly part is that I […]

Do Something Silly Day 3

It’s the holiday weekend, so I say it’s time to get CRAZY. I know I did. I went out and BROKE THE RULES, BABY! This silly thing may be too dangerous for some of you, but for those daring enough to follow in my freakishly rebellious shoes — feel free. I gotta go, I think […]

Do Something Silly Day 2

Do Something Silly Day 1

It’s easier to do this with kids. As we age, our creamer stacking creativity declines. Thankfully, so does the desire to do creamershots. 🙂 Bonus points for using all the condiments and table accoutrements.

Truckcam: Merry Christmas Edition

Christmas: How Did You Know?

It is the time of year where we get presents. That means it’s the time of year for awkward moments where you must pretend your gift is something you’ve always wanted. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about, “It’s the thought that counts” — but we’ve all gotten those 3 armed sweaters from Crazy Aunt […]

7 Weight Loss Tips From Shawn

I’ve lost weight before. Lots of weight. In fact, over about 6 months, I lost 60 pounds. It was impressive. I felt great, looked great, and had the willpower of a hunk of granite. This time, I’m not so great with the willpower. So I’ll give you some of the things I do to help […]