CERN Hides Large Hadron Collider Experiment

What started out as a festive holiday for most ended in the beginning stages of the apocalypse. CERN has certainly been under the public eye with their LHC experiments, and so in order to test some of the more controversial procedures — the “scientists” need to mask their nefarious plans in a bit of pie. […]

What Should Be In The High School Library SciFi Section?

As many of you know, my wonderful wife works in the high school library. Even if you didn’t know that, it’s still true. Seriously though, one of the areas the library is severely lacking in is the science fiction department. Really, it’s slim pickings. So here is my request: Please leave in the comments what […]

Fellow Space Nuts: Don’t Forget the Leonids!

For those of you with a fascination for space, fire, and sitting in the dark — tonight was made just for you. Tonight is when the Leonid meteor shower peaks, and the conditions should be pretty good. While the show in Asia is supposed to be the best, here in North America it will still […]

NASA, It Never Gets Old

Most bloggers are pumped when famous people visit their websites. Me? This friend stops by, and I’m all a twitter. 😉

Star Wars or Star Trek?

I’m not talking about epic battles, but rather which a person identifies with more. Myself, I grew up in the Star Wars era. I had action figures. I dreamed of fashioning my own light saber. I was both scared and fascinated by Darth Vader. (Actually, he scared me even more in Return of the Jedi […]

Our Annual Perigee Celebration

Well, it’s a song cool enough to repeat as often as it happens. Tonight, the full moon is the perigee moon, which means it is closer to Earth than any other time of year. It’s also in a particular part of the lunar cycle to make it closer than normal even for perigee. So it’s […]

Sophie From Shinola – Part 18

(Read here for links to the whole story, and why it’s being written) Blink/Sophie sat in as fetal a position as possible in the corner of a phone booth outside of Negworth, Amsterdam. Their recent merging was, of course, successful. Both minds were now in perfect harmony, and mostly open to one another. Therein started […]

Sophie from Shinola, Part 2

This post is part of a multi-blog, round robin, create your own chaos, short story write-a-thon. It’s sorta like Ficlets, but on a larger, less organized, slightly longer form. You can still play if you’re reading this before noon on Sunday, just go to Nathan’s blog and he’ll add you to the pool. It should […]

Header Graphic

Just wanted to leave a note — that the new header graphic is a Martian sunset. Cool, eh?

Get Outside!!!

Ok, if you’re on the east coast, press pause on your Tivo, and go outside. Right now. Do it. About 3 minutes ago, the Lunar Eclipse started, and we won’t have another till 2010. And it will probably be cloudy in 2010. So go watch now! (It’s actually a rather slow event, so you have […]