The New Ride

My beloved 1994 Chevy S-10 unfortunately drives very much like a 1994 pickup truck with 200K miles on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my truck. The thing is, now that we’re in the city, when I commute to work in the morning it feels very much like I’m going to die at any […]

My Chat with AT&T

Posted without comment… info: Please wait for a chat representative to respond. info: You are now chatting with ‘Ian Young’ Ian Young: Thank you for chatting with at&t today, I am happy to assist you Shawn Powers: Can you give me an idea when our service will work here in Indian River, MI? Ian Young: […]

Photon Obesity At All Time High

Our nation is struggling with a growing obesity problem unlike anything we’ve seen in generations past. Our slovenly lifestyle is beginning to leak into science as well, however, and the ramifications could be deadly. Researchers at CERN, (yes THAT CERN) have discovered the speed of light is beginning to slow down. They fired a beam […]

I Miss My Droid

Three or four months ago, my beloved Droid died. Since I don’t use my phone for actual phone calls, I decided to just not get a new phone, and stick with my work provided iPhone for my mobile computer needs. (I can’t use it for personal calls, but I have unlimited data and talkatone, so […]

Linux Journal: It Bytes To Go To Bits

Today, Linux Journal announced something that I’ve known was coming for a while now. We will no longer get that wonderful excitement of finding a good old fashioned paper magazine in our mailbox every month. The good news is that Linux Journal won’t be going away. We’re just switching medium. It’s no longer possible for […]

New Digs

So along with a new web host, it seemed a new look was in order. I rather like this theme, and expect I’ll be sticking with it for quite a while. (I mean, how can you beat a Mars sunrise in the header!?!?!) The only thing I can’t decide is whether to make that YouTube […]

Things Appear to be Normal. Well, Shawn-Normal.

In other words, there may be wild monkeys with chicken heads flying around the room with wet paintbrushes and flaming leotards — but nothing weird. The DNS might take a while to propagate, but if you’re reading this, then it’s already propagated for you. You win!

CERN Hides Large Hadron Collider Experiment

What started out as a festive holiday for most ended in the beginning stages of the apocalypse. CERN has certainly been under the public eye with their LHC experiments, and so in order to test some of the more controversial procedures — the “scientists” need to mask their nefarious plans in a bit of pie. […]

Help Shawn Pick His Vanity Plate

Monday is my birthday, which means I need to renew my license plates. I can’t decide which style to get. Let’s vote! Which Vanity Plate Looks Better?online surveys

Puffy, The Camera Slayer

Long ago, in a land not very dissimilar from our own, there were two little girls. Their names were Lagoria and Lizzanthia. The two sisters were particularly good one season, and at the Sun Harvest Festival, their father purchased them each a fairy scribe of their own. Fairy scribes, as you know, can not write […]