Sometimes Our Autofocus Is Dumb

Let me tell you two different stories: Greg jerked out of his fitful slumber because a cold draft snuck under the covers when his wife got out of bed. After quickly sealing himself back into his burrito-like cocoon, he realized that warm or not, his aching back wouldn’t allow him to sleep. With all the […]

New Year’s Resolutions – 2014

Write a book of fiction, just to see if I can. I’m making this resolution a year in advance so that perhaps I can get my life in order enough that devoting time to writing fiction might be practical. I have plenty of ideas for books, but fleshing them into more than napkin-sized scribbles is […]

Writer’s Block – It’s Not a Dry Well…

It’s a clogged pipe. I’m a regular sufferer of writer’s block, and for years I had a deep seated fear it meant I had run out of ideas. Or creativity. Or grey matter. Perhaps that’s true, but since that is depressing and impossible to fix, I decided to declare it a total lie. And now […]

Linux Journal: It Bytes To Go To Bits

Today, Linux Journal announced something that I’ve known was coming for a while now. We will no longer get that wonderful excitement of finding a good old fashioned paper magazine in our mailbox every month. The good news is that Linux Journal won’t be going away. We’re just switching medium. It’s no longer possible for […]

Puffy, The Camera Slayer

Long ago, in a land not very dissimilar from our own, there were two little girls. Their names were Lagoria and Lizzanthia. The two sisters were particularly good one season, and at the Sun Harvest Festival, their father purchased them each a fairy scribe of their own. Fairy scribes, as you know, can not write […]

Hello World

July should be the last month The Powers Family is displaced. This is something I find profoundly awesome. My birthday is on the 19th, and I would be quite happy for my belated birthday present to be a home. Also, school is out. ALSO, I’m half done with the super sekrit project I’ve been working […]

What Should Be In The High School Library SciFi Section?

As many of you know, my wonderful wife works in the high school library. Even if you didn’t know that, it’s still true. Seriously though, one of the areas the library is severely lacking in is the science fiction department. Really, it’s slim pickings. So here is my request: Please leave in the comments what […]

My New Year’s Resolutions

I figure, if I make them publicly, I’ll have slightly more motivation to keep them. In the end, it won’t likely matter, because let’s face it — you aren’t the boss of me. (Well, not true, a few of you might actually be the boss of me. Your powers are limited to the ability of […]

My Favorite Editorial Task

I have a bunch of duties over at Linux Journal. I’m certainly better at some things than others, and if you ask Jill (the Executive Editor), deadlines are not one of the things at which I’m particularly skilled. 🙂 There is one task I find especially enjoyable, however: Answering letters to the editor. I’m not […]

Everything I Managed to Write for Nanowrimo This Year

Don’t worry, it won’t take you long to read. I still like the ideas I had, so perhaps I’ll finish it sometime this winter. 🙂 Black Holes, and Other Things That Suck You ever bark at a dog, and wonder if you’re really saying something? I always imagine we sound absolutely ridiculous to our canine […]