The Cow Won’t Dance, Yet

In my Calendar Sales / Cow Dance promotion, I ended up raising $130. Not surprisingly, the large majority of that did not come from calendar sales, but rather cash donations. I’m OK with that. Since the first two goals were met, that means in the very near future (not today, it’s Monday around these parts) […]

My Office Space

This year, I plan to write more regularly. Here, elsewhere, on bathroom stalls, whatever it takes. Today, I am carving out about 25 square feet that will be my “office” for a while. Here’s what it looks like currently: Tiny, but cozy — Posted on Natuba I know, it’s not much — but I have […]

Truck Cam: Sitemeter Eats Crow, I’m Impressed

I’m impressed with Sitemeter. But don’t take my word for it, you can hear me talk about it… 😉 Click Here to Download Video

Video Blog: Feeling Better, Back to Work

I’m not really “better” as in “healed” — but rather better as in better than I was yesterday. So, here I am at work. There’s no way I’m going to be ready for school to start. I can either deal with that, or stress myself to oblivion over something I can’t possibly change. I think […]

Linux Journal Video: Being Goofy at LinuxWorld

Not a review, just tomfoolery. Video proof that LinuxWorld was fun. Also, Kyle Rankin, one of our columnists, has a website HERE if you want to learn more about the Jerry to my Kramer. 🙂 Download Video Here

Linux Journal: Flip Camera Review

This was a fun review, the camera really is awesome. 🙂

Back to Writing a Book

I think I’m going to try writing a book. Not a fiction book, although that is a dream someday. A technical book. Yes, a Linux book. It should be quite geeky, but hopefully fun to read. I’ll keep everyone posted. I’m sure you can hardly wait. 🙂

Brain of Shawn Podcast #3

I’m here at the Penguicon, and it turns out, *I* am one of the horribly awkward individuals that becomes a wallflower in a crowded room. Based on my online presence, that might come as a surprise to some. You can hear me lament a bit here: [display_podcast]

Quick Penguicon Update

I Hate Digg

I really don’t have a good reason to hate Digg, but it’s just frustrating that it’s guided by the general public. Because honestly, I think the general public is dumb. Not individuals (I think you personally are shiny), but rather as a whole. I can write some well thought out, interesting stuff — and get […]