8 thoughts on “Houston, We Have a Geek

  1. Thanks. 🙂

    Yes, I brought it — and took it yesterday too. Yesterday was a very “full” day. Awesome, but full.

    I’m up right now to Skype with the kids back home before school, and will take my meds (and shower… which is TMI).

    Thanks for asking!

  2. But what were/are you doing in Houston? Did I miss a cryptic comment somewhere?

    Every time I go back to Houston, I have to go the Frye’s, on I-45 North, on the way to the big Airport (Bush Intercontinental, not Hobby). True geek paradise.

  3. My hub loves Frito Pie too. I just look at the bowl and can sense the monster indigestion it would give me… and say no. 🙂

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