The Official POKE ME about Pills Post

You might notice that I have a little widget in the upper right hand corner, which I update when I take my blood pressure medicine every morning. It’s there, because I’m HORRIBLE about remembering such things, and a few folks are kind enough to remind me if I don’t.

This post shall be the official, “Remind Shawn” post. If it’s after 8:30AM EST, and I haven’t updated that widget in the corner, please don’t hesitate to slap me around a bit in the comment section. I deserve it.

(I don’t, however, deserve the kindness of you guys reminding me — but I’m just going to be thankful, and accept it on behalf of my family. They kinda want me around for the long haul, and high blood pressure sorta negates that likelihood. Thanks again.)

161 thoughts on “The Official POKE ME about Pills Post

  1. Oh without question. I’ve never in my life taken medicine so regularly. And I don’t take credit for the success, it’s truly due to this silly medicine widget and y’all. πŸ™‚

    It’s actually pretty cool, I hear Donna bragging to people that if I forget to take my blood pressure medicine, folks online effectively bawl me out.

    In fact, the other day, I updated the site, and almost forgot to actually follow through and take the pill. Donna threatened to “Tell Michelle” LOL!

  2. Ok, where where you when you took the medicine yesterday? Can you remember what you did next? Have you looked in the fridge? On top of the printer? On the spice rack?

    Look Shawn, don’t make me fly down there to help you find your medicine. I’ll rope Michelle into joining me, and then you’ll be sorry.

    However, we’d get to meet Donna and the girls, that’d be cool.

    Get cracking!!

  3. You better mean that. I’ll be checking back at 12:15 PM Alaska Time. You better be looking by then, or I’ll tell my cats about your misfeasance.
    They’ll give you disapproving looks. You don’t want that, trust me.

  4. ARGH! You caught me, but again, I had taken my pill, just not updated the site.

    Also, Donna was in my office when your comment came in, and she said, “HA! Michelle caught you! Tell her I love her, but not in a weird way.”


  5. Tell Donna I perfectly understand: After a post about a new microplane grater I got, a virtual friend said he thought he had an internet crush on me. πŸ™‚

  6. Sadly, no, it’s indeed 2 days in a row. I blame the lack of flushing toilets. Today will be a poopy day, so the blood pressure medicine will be greatly needed. Thanks for the reminder. πŸ™‚

  7. Its Monday, take your meds yet? Hope you don’t have to work and can enjoy the holiday! We are hoping to come up the last weekend in June, maybe we can all get together. Love lots!!

  8. Ooooo – I know you’re at camp, so I hope your wifi is just not working properly or you’re busy doing something fun. But just in case, since it IS about 9:10 your time:


  9. Don’t tell, but I sorta miscounted the number of pills I brought with me! I’m one short, and figured I’d save the one I have left for “pack up and get everyone home” day — as I suspect it will be very stressful.

    Yeah, I’m a dork…

  10. Miscounts happen – been there, done that. But I’m guessing today is β€œpack up and get everyone home” so you should have taken your one remaining pill by now. If you haven’t, POKE!

  11. Hehe, thanks for the reminder, but I *did* have another hour and a half when you poked me. (On the west coast this week)

    Seriously though, thanks for the reminder. πŸ™‚

  12. OK, It’s 11:11 am Central Time, which means it’s 9:11 am Pacific Time, which means it’s after 8:30 am where you are, so you need to take those yummy meds.


  13. It’s no longer Monday! It’s after 8:30! You seem to insinuate you’re going to be having a stressful week!


    (And I’m sorry I’ve been slacking on looking out for you slacking, but they’ve actually been making me, like, work around here! [But today I’m sitting at the front desk. That’ll show them!])


    It’s a stressful day! Why have you not taken your medicine?!

    Get on the ball! We don’t want you to stroke out when everyone bugs the crap outta you!

  15. This is a preemptive strike…TAKE YOUR MEDS HONEY! Oh and BTW… CALL YOUR MOTHER ABOUT THAT BUNNY!!!!!!! (Sorry folks, it’s been about five days now that I have told him to call his poor mother, maybe if some of you get on him too, he’ll do it!)

  16. Shawn, reeally there is no pressure about the bunny it just needs a good home and I offer you the chance to be that good home. If you say no, I’ts ok I just need to know if I should keep looking for that good home or not. Thanks Love MOM

  17. If your sleeping, take your pills as soon as you wake up!! I just crawled OOB and took mine a mear 45 min late. Will you get RR after August?

  18. Take your meds!!!!!!
    My clock says 9:07am…and no update from you…..that means you are still sleeping, or you just forgot!
    Take your Meds….
    Take your Meds
    Take your Meds…

    (this was a public service announcement from the UCF…that is all)

  19. I know you’re awake, I know where you’ve been playing, so either you’re slacking and haven’t taken your pill, or you’re slacking and haven’t told us.

    Now stop playing and do your pill taking and/or work first.

  20. It’s Saturday, a day to sleep in before you camp out??
    Take those/that pill, you might need ’em.
    Have a great weekend.
    I’m workin’ at TC this weekned, after a month off (I only work there one weekend a month) I think it wont be so bad…but it usually is!! I like the people I work with and that helps a lot.

  21. Monday is my day off, so it does have at least ONE good thing to be said for it! And it’s before 8:30am and you’ve already taken your pills, good for you. Did you sleep all weekend and were ready to go early today? Well if you didn’t sleep I hope it was good, I missed you. I tried to send you a clever pill reminder over the weekend but the computer (at work) wouldn’t let me. Here’s wishing you a good Monday.

  22. I know its after 8:30 because about 8:30 we dropped Gracie off to the vet for surgery on her face. Please pray she is ok and take your meds so your ok too.
    Anything going on next week? We plan to be up that way, any soccer games or anything?

  23. If I read it right, you took your pills about 16 hours ago? Do you take them the night before so you don’t forget in the morning?? Does that work? Maybe we could take the whole weeks worth on Saturday night and be good for the week!! Love MOM

  24. I am assuming that you just forgot to change the day you took your pills? It is 10:28 am WEDNESDAY..and it still says Tuesday.

    taps fingers….

  25. Ahh, you got me. πŸ™‚ I’ve been lazing around this morning. I should really get ready or I’ll end up wearing my skivvies to church. I’m guessing you can only do that once…

  26. I did! And I had to get out of bed to do it. I came here to tell you, tongue in cheek That it was my day off and I was looking for something to do. It is my day off but I’m trying to figure out how I will accomplish all I have planned to do today. How about you. Do you have a busy weekend planned? Could you imagine being able to say, “I’m just going to laze around today, relaxing and if I get bored just try to relax a little harder. Oh, I’m just being silly and procrastinating a little.
    By the way, for some reason I looked up “silly” and it said “stupid”. Now I NEVER thought silly meant stupid. I really thought silly was a good thing. Perhaps looking it up was stupid, but SILLY is suposed to make people laugh and that is a good thing. Tell me it is. I do silly all the time on purpose, I would never to stupid on purpose!!
    I love ya, MOM

  27. I think If you gotta drink the coffee it’s best to do it with blood pressure medicine. I usually take mine with Pepsi cause I can’t kick the caffine habit, if I gotta be honest about it.

  28. some funny stuff is going on here … but take your pill anyway it’s gettin late.
    Hope your Turkey Day was good.
    Hope today is good too, you are off today aren’t you. I took today off so I could put up my Christmas Tree. Last year we got it in the house, hence we warmed it up but never got it up and decorated. This year I plan to get it up TODAY.

  29. Gah, it took a few minutes to even get your site to load this morning… take yer pill! GOOD MORNING!!! Happy Monday!!!

    Why did I give up caffeine again?

  30. Can you tell me the best software cedaga, crossover games, etc. for Counterstrike source. keep in mind i’m a Linux noob. I also resently bought Call of Duty WaW. But my main goal is CSS.

  31. I have the Crossover Games trial installed right now but it keeps randomly crashing and also i really need anti-aliasing

  32. Want:

    This really isn’t the thread for the question, and the email you entered is invalid — Crossover Games is my suggestion, but drop me an email shawn[at] if you want to discuss it further. πŸ™‚


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  34. You’re tweeting, so you’re up. Take your pill, man.

    Oh, and the link to “The Official POKE ME about Pills Post” doesn’t appear in the “I Last Took My Pill On:” section anymore.

    Tsk, tsk.

  35. ‘Twas the day before Christmas
    and all through the house
    not a Shawn was stirring
    and nor was his spouse.

    The pills were all waiting
    all snug in their bottle
    ’cause Shawn hadn’t taken one
    as he knows that he ought’l

    And so Vince exclaimed
    ere he left to go chill
    Merry Christmas my friend
    now go take your pill!

  36. Thank you for making it easier (for me) to get here, I hope you didn’t do it just for me but It took a lot of effort for me to poke you the other way.

  37. Does this count for the weekend? πŸ™‚ I just went two days w/o mine and am now waiting for the Rx to be filled. Do as I say not as I do…take your pill! :))

  38. pokey pokey!!!! Gee, kinda sounds like the Hokey Pokey! I should have poked you in the store last evening to give you an early reminder. πŸ™‚

  39. Why does the time reflect one hour earlier than I wrote this? Did this not recognize the time change or is it on Central Time? πŸ™

  40. I know – it was a late night, you had a good time, today is Saturday, etc. Still, if you’re awake, you need to take your pill. ‘Cause you’re, like, late, ya know?

  41. oops I’m a few minutes early. I was looking for the picture of Donna’s ankle, that you iluded to on twitter, this however reminded me to take my pills
    Hope Donna is ok

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