7 thoughts on “Hitchhiker’s Boxset

  1. I read it as the “gold?” edition. It was supposedly all of them in one book. I can’t remember exactly what that version of it was called though.

  2. I’d recommend skipping the last book, “Mostly Harmless”. It read like Mr. Adams was tired of people asking when he’d write more HGtG and he decided to just slap something together to shut them up. The rest of it though was genius.

  3. Love them. Read them all in college and now I have all of them (except Mostly Harmless) on the iPod, just in case I’m feeling lower than Marvin, they always cheer me up.

  4. Brain the size of planet, but will anyone listen to me? Oh well…

    I have them on the iPod for road trips, they keep us entertained while driving for 6+ hours.

    The BBC TV version is wonderful, I used to have it and plan on acquiring it again.

  5. I outsourced my brain to a webhosting company. If the brainofshawn gets too much traffic, my account is suspended. Some months, around the 28th, I just stare at the wall and drool until the 1st…

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