7 thoughts on “Review: HP-2133

  1. So you were understandably mad at HP then they had a meeting with you and it seems like you are extremely happy with them now.

    Did they use mind control on you? What’s the back story with this situation?

  2. I was mad at vendors in general, and HP got the brunt of my bitterness. They made a decent attempt to listen to my concerns, and I figured I should review the laptop based on its merit in regards to the mini notebook market. Quite frankly, it rocks (comparatively speaking).

    The back story is that 5-6 HP executives took the time to talk to me, and I was impressed with their candor. They didn’t try to feed me crap, which I appreciated. (well, not too much crap, maybe a little…)

  3. Finally got to watch, and it looks like the girls were having a good time.

    I’m thinking maybe I could pick up something like that or the Asus for John and/or my dad. All they use the ‘puter for is browsing and email.

  4. hehe — well, my kids listen when I tell them to clean their rooms too. We’ll see if HP is gonna actually do something, or if they’re just going to sit in their room and play with Barbies. 😉

  5. So do you think they sent you the 2133 because of the video you did two weeks ago? I’ve seen other articles and whatnot where corportions make things right after videos are posted online that could hurt their reputation.

  6. I’m fairly certain I got the notebook and the helpful support due to the video. I’m OK with being a squeaky wheel to get the attention of HP.

    What I’m waiting to see is whether or not anything actually happens from here. If the hardware availability for the Linux models is changed to reflect the same offerings that Vista gets, I’ll consider it a victory.

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