7 thoughts on “Linux Journal Video: Being Goofy at LinuxWorld

  1. I honestly don’t know. I had to agree to accept the info and product under embargo — I assume they could sue Linux Journal or some such thing. At the very least, a nasty cease and desist order with a permanently damaged relationship with the vendor. 🙂

  2. I know from when I worked in book retail, if we put a new release out before it’s scheduled day, there would be severe penalties, with the maximum being that publisher not supplying us with books for a while. Granted that was really for the big names, but I would imagine if your video went out early it would be something similar that really boils down to bad relationships between companies.

  3. I think this is mostly over my head. However it reminds me of how I learned to dance, When you don’t know how or what to do get up and wiggle at least your having fun and chances are nobody is the wiser.

  4. Don’t feel bad Shawns MOM, I honestly didn’t understand a good chunk of that video and I fix computers myself. Shawn hangs out with an interesting crowd.

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