8 thoughts on “In Case You Missed The Show

  1. Shawn —

    Any chance you could make these available for download? I’m stuck w/ limited bandwidth at home so I go to the library to d/l podcasts and such. Would be nice to be able to take your vids home to watch off line.

  2. Yes! They will be posted at the Linux Journal site as soon as I convert and upload them. We post them as OGG files, and also as audio-only MP3s.

    I also have an mp4 version, but I’m not sure if they post those over at Linux Journal… I’ll try to ask them to do so,

  3. I’m in the low bandwidth camp as well. I tried watching the show live but it had a lot of lag and choppiness.
    I was getting about 400k down but my ping times were around 150ms

  4. Thanx Shawn! As usual I was not paying attention and missed the Ogg link. I was watching last week’s episode (on my Aspire One) while also downloading Cranky Geeks, DL.TV, etc. and about 90% of the way through I finally noticed the download links. Only took about ten minutes to get the “Haloween” episode, which I will watch at home tonight!

  5. Hi Shawn, My mouse died, (nothing like when the rabbit dies) ((and that was before my time too, should anyone wonder)) so I missed out on lots of stuff. I can’t listen to the whole thing now what I saw looks pretty good. I hope to catch it this week.

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