14 thoughts on “Snow! I Haz It!

  1. It warmed up here and we’re getting rain tonight. I hope its stormy enough to knock the rest of the leaves off the trees, so I can do the last sweeping of the season.

  2. Funny how we are not that far away from each other, and yet…we have rain. Lots of rain. I HATE living in the banana belt. This snow lover needs her fix…and soon!

  3. We had snow last week. It’s all gone now though. Things are looking pretty good for you for today and tonight. 100%! WOOT! How much are you supposed to get? We ended up with an inch or so and then the next morning, traffic was brutal. I don’t get it. It snows here every year. We’re in CANADA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! It’s gonna snow, that’s a given. Yet every year, until about the 4th storm, people freak. And forget how to drive. I’m taking the bus.

  4. See, we just have freezing temps here. I think I’d rather have the snow now that I don’t really have to drive anywhere.

    That reminds me though. I have to go and buy a snow shovel.

  5. 50, and fercryingoutloud, sunny. Don’t the weather gods realize this is SEATTLE and it’s supposed to rain from October to March?

    I actually miss Alaska’s snow, it doesn’t feel like we really have a winter here.

  6. Sometimes I miss snow. I haven’t lived in a place with snow since I was about 8 years old, though there were a couple of freak flurries in Simi Valley back in the ’80s.

    Tania, above 0 is considered warm? Uh, maybe a life without snow isn’t so bad after all…

  7. The super smart people of my county decided to cut back on snow plowing and salting this year.

    So far they are doing more harm than good. They salt once a day and the snow melts then freezes into black ice.

    Someone is going to get killed before they admit that public safety is more important than budget numbers.

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