Does Anyone Still Have Waterbeds?

Remember the waterbeds that used to have a big wooden frame, and a rubber bladder on the inside? The kind that was quite impossible to “make” because it constantly moved, which wrinkled the sheets? The kind that was either so hot it made you sweat, or so cold you (sometimes literally) got hypothermia?

Does anyone still use those things?

I know for a while “softside” waterbeds were all the rage. They were just like a mattress, but instead of springs, there were tubes of water in the middle. I know they also had waveless, semi-wave, full-wave, and who-know-what-else wave options on waterbeds.

Does anyone still use those things?

From what I remember (not much, admittedly) waterbeds were not terribly comfortable, and were not good for your back. Yet, due to the exotic nature of sleeping on water, they were extremely popular for a long time. So I wonder…

Does anyone still use those things?

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  1. I slept on a waterbed once in the mid 80’s and vowed never to again. It was horrible! Don’t forget the sloshing noises. You know the ones I’m talking about. Sounds like your belly after you’ve down a giant coke and then try to move.
    My friend has a waterbed. I don’t know how she sleeps on it. It’s one of those ones with the tubes. What a pain to move the damn thing. Her spouse has back trouble. Go figure.

  2. I slept in a water bed that I just loved. I miss it, I do. A pain to move, certainly, but I found it very comfortable. It was a king size, and mostly fits your description, except that the bed did stay made, and the heat was pretty even.

    I miss my water bed.

  3. I slept on a waterbed when I was pregnant with my first child. In my last month I pretty much needed help to get out of it, over that wooden frame edge. It was, at least, semi-waveless, but I remember never being able to get the temperature right.

    I never tried a softsided one.

    Ah, memories.

  4. I slept in one all through my teen years. The heat was nice – especially since our abode had no insulation whatsoever, and my father usually just turned the heat off entirely on cold winter nights. Yes, it was probably very bad for my back, but it was still comfy.

    I have a friend who sleeps on one. He was horribly neglected as a child, and has a number of skeletal deformities as a result. Waterbeds are the most comfy (and least harmful) things for him to sleep in.

  5. I had a king size one for years that I inherited from my brother – it went into storage when I went off to school, and I think we finally sold it to someone a couple of years ago. I never had any problems out of it (it was the big-balloon-full-of-water type) except that it sprang a leak once and the balloon had to be replaced. (At that point, it was probably 15 years old, so no wonder.)

    My parents had the soft-side kind for years specifically because my dad has back problems, though they’ve switched to that memory foam stuff now. I’m sure someone out there must still be using them, since I’m pretty certain someone out there is still using the one I sold them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I slept on the big bladder kind once at a friends and liked it. When I graduated from high school, my folks bought me one of the tube ones, but it had so much sponge in the tubes you couldn’t tell it was a water bed by laying on it. When I eventually bought a new mattress to replace it, I went with a standard mattress. Though I do have friends who still sleep on their big bladder style waterbed.

  7. I loved my water bed, it was always so warm. I do remember once waking up in a wet spot, my cat had clawed a hold in it. But I just patched it, I loved that thing. Everyone always said they were uncomfortable, I have a regular spring mattress now and hate it and think its horribly uncomfortable. If my husband didn’t hate my water bed, I’d be tempted to get another one. I would tuck my feet down the side so it was on the plastic, so toasty warm. I had a full wave bed, no tubes or foam inside, mom had the semi wave with a foam inside to cut down on the wave, I think thats the kind she gave you. Do you remember having a water bed. When mom and Jim got married they each had one and I think you got one of them.

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  9. i’m actually thinking of buying one, i’m torn between a waterbed and a tempurpedic… i want to see if it helps my back, i’m a real soft bed type of person anyway…. so yeah, people still use them, some people swear by them…

  10. I am now 45 year’s old and and have used and mostly slept on a water Bed for the last 27 Year’s . I now have a foam filled mostley wave less Mattress I purchased in 1989! I have a hard time sleeping away from my bed . If I am at a Hotel or my Girl Friend’s House I’m not as comfortable! I have the Heater down pat for seasonal adjustments. I worry that if this Mattress ware’s out and leaks if I will be able to find another super comfy Mattress ? Because it seems they are unpopular any more.

  11. My stepdad had a waterbed. It was a queen-sized tube kind. I thought it was so neat when I was little. When my mom and stepdad were about to trash it, I asked for it. I didn’t think it was so neat after a year. It really started to hurt my back. It got replaced by a Serta twin bed.

  12. Hi i slept on a waterbed king size from the time i was 17 until i was 43 i’m 50 now .I miss my waterbed dearly i would still have one but i don’t have i own place i stay backand forth at my daughters house I have 7 daughters and i slept on my waterbed the whole time i was preg. I think my back hurts now a lot cause i donT have a waterbed thanks 4 HEARING ME OUT UR TRUELY LISA P

  13. I just got one and now my back hurts. Wondering what the amount of water has to do with the comfort level.
    Thinking of getting rid of it if I can’t fix it.

    • my uncle used to have a waterbed…. every time i went to his house i would spend all my time on it, drawing, typing on my laptop (or my moms :P), just laying there, and roling back and forth on it. I loved it. i was so sad when they sold it. i guess you just have to like it yourself. you cant really ask a question on a website and get an answer. your gonna get “Love it” comments “hate it” comments and “its okay” comments. if you want to get one, go out, test one and see if you feel comfretable. i love the water, boats, swimming (i only swim in the ocean and lakes tho…. am i weird??), inner toobing, everything and i just love waterbeds. if you like the feel of the waves i sugjest to try out a full motion waterbed because it feels like your sleeping on a floaty which feels really good to me. my parents hate them so i was never able to get one but soon ill have one of my own. it really depeands on your personal interests. sorry for any spelling issues. im really tired and my eyes are drooping. but i needed to post the review so you could get my side on the matter ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I have slept on water TUBES (not a waterbed) for the past 20 some years, since my first car accident. I literally cannot sleep on anything else. The water tubes are NOTHING like a water bed. There’s no slosh, no waves, just really good support and cush where I need it. The mattress is worn out and I’m looking for another bed today. I’ve tried other things, but just can’t sleep on anything but my tubes! Everything else causes pain in my back and hips. If they stop selling these things I’m screwed! The water tube beds are basically a regular mattress and box spring (that doesn’t needs a “special” frame) where the mattress is filled with very have tubes filled with water rather than springs and “fluff” or filling. Very comfortable, not cold, not hot, just a great sleeping surface. Go get one! You’ll like it if you have hip and/or back probs!

  15. We (my husband and I have slept on a waterbed for the past 30 years..Hardsided in the early 80’s then softsided thereafter. only 2 beds in 30 years!!! Just recently ordered a new one..tried the airframe waterbed and was disappointed . It has air in the outer chambers and water inside. Reordered Deepfill softsided…setting it up tonight…can’t wait. I find regular beds uncomfortable…

  16. Have one had it for 20 years, hate it now that it needs replaced, baffles dissolved or something, wish I could afford a nice mattress to put in it. Pain to make.

  17. I have one… laying in it as I type lolbut I am finding that I wake up damp still after replacing the mattress just weeks ago… no animals and turned the heat way down to 70 something… so my question is… do they sweat? My bed feels lower that it did just weeks ago. I love it but its starting to hurt my back as it gets lower and I’m asking myself if I should just put a mattress in the frame… I hate reg mattresses though!! Not sure what to do… get thicker sheets… turn heat off.. can anyone suggest?

  18. Have used a king size waterbed for 35 years. Have had to replace the mattress only about 5 times. Always because of naughty cats. Love the waveless. Solved the problems of making the bed (only use king size regular sheets now – can’t find where to buy WB sheets anymore – and they cost a fortune). By taking a regular kingsize fitted sheet and undoing the elastic. You end up with a cornerless sheet, but it is SO EASY to just push the sheets down the sides now. Used to drive me crazy lifting the heavy corners to get the fitted corners in. I believe that waterbeds went out of style only because of the economy treadmill. Because once you used one and fell in love with it you never had to purchase another VERY EXPENSIVE bed which only lasts a few years at best. Always makes us laugh when we hear about the bad advertising given to waterbeds, and guess who it is doing that? It’s all about the money folks. We are now 68 and 70, have fantastic health, no back problems, no sleep problems. We have tried other beds but cannot imagine not having our lovely, big, warm, soft waterbed to climb into each night. PS does anyone have a contact for purchasing a new liner (just as a backup). Have been unsuccessful even on line finding a good outlet. Thanks

    • Hi Glenys! I’ve slept on waterbeds for years, and I also love them! I think they’re superior to regular beds in every possible way. Most major cities have at least one store that still sells waterbeds. I find the best prices on supplies on eBay. There are several sellers with very high feedback scores who offer great prices and great customer service, too. The sheets are crazy expensive, but are fairly easily made with regular flat sheets if you’re handy with a sewing machine. I can make a set for a super single for about $15, and a queen set for about $20…and mine stay on better than some of the super-pricey ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I still have one. I’ve had it for almost 28 years. I get a little worried that the mattress will some day go bad. It still holds water! It’s the waveless single bladder type. Basically, one bag with a thick pad inside to keep it from bouncing around, Wooden sides. I custom made an oak frame, in ’91 and build a fantastic 6 drawer oak pedestal. I would have gotten rid of it by now, but love the fact that when set (year around) at 86 degrees, it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That was the temp the waterbed store told me to try at first and I’ve always stayed with it. I always fall asleep almost instantly. I really got my moneys worth. LOL

    • i agree with you. i love my waterbed and i was afraid i would not be able to replace part. i envy you made your own bed. i go to ebay and craiglist and i found a waterbed for 150 dollars. good luck

  20. i love my waterbed. i had it since the 89,s. when its cold out side, it feel so good in the warm kids love the warmth also. once i got rid of my waterbed because it was old and i bought a regular mattress….well i hated the mattress.. it was cold to get into. i gave away the matress and bought another waterbed. i was surprise to see they still sell waterbed items.

  21. My husband and I just celebrated our 30 yr anniv. A couple of weeks ago. We bought a California king full wave waterbed a few months after we were married, as I had a waterbed of my own before then, and Really missed it. I am now 56 and he is 64, and we still have the same frame ๐Ÿ™‚ We have replaced the mattress 3 or 4 times over the years, once with a semi-waveless, but went back to full wave. Neither of us have back problems, and Really miss our bed when on vacation, visiting relatives, etc. We got rid of the heater a few years ago by buying a really thick pillow topper-just lay it on before making up with king size flat sheets. The pillow topper keeps the cold from seeping thru, but you never get hot. I cannot imagine ever giving up our waterbed…

    • We LOVE our soft side 2 fiber fill water bags bed. Had the original I bagger in the 70’s. Always taking a broom handle to push the air out so it wouldn’t slosh. Now, married 52 yes and YES, we bought another one. No more bouncing the other person out. LOL and no noise, since we got the one with a pillow topper. (The skinny one bc we want to FEEL the motion) keep it on Low and we sleep perfectly. No more back pain for my husband. Now we don’t enjoy traveling so much, miss our waterbed..This one is the BEST EVER. ALSO, our base has 6 drawers and cupboard doors at the foot. Great place for suitcase and carry ons. We just bought King fitted sheets from our waterbed guy. They fit around the outside of the soft side, not hard to make….remember, get 2 bags for added comfort! we are 71 and 73, “LOVE our waterbed, AGAIN!”

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