Irony, How Ironic

So yesterday I posted about how I find daily posting to be the proper speed for me. And the next day I don’t post anything.

I’d like to claim I did that on purpose, but in fact it was just legitimate irony. Oh well, such is life. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Irony, How Ironic

  1. Well, the post on the day before yesterday was so long I couldn’t get through it in one read and didn’t even notice two days had gone by. Actually, I’m not sure I finished it yet.
    Also, is it possible to re-open my blog or if I deceide I want to blog again, do I start over? I’m considering finding my proper posting speed.
    I’m thinking maybe seasonally.

  2. Vince: Amen, brother.

    Mom: You can start your old blog back up, I think, but you may wish to choose an easier name to remember. That first part before the “” is the part that people have to remember to get there. Your last one was a bit cryptic. 🙂

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