These Bookmarks Are Priceless

Really. They’re not for sale. This particular one was made by a 6th grader. She was one of the winners of the “design a bookmark” contest here at the school library. She’s also my daughter, which is awesome for many reasons. (No, Donna and I were not judges in the contest.)

The winning bookmarks, of which there are 12 or so, are being printed and laminated to give out in the library. I think it’s an awesome way for kids to see their artwork appreciated by others. Unfortunately, it does cost quite a bit to print & laminate them. It got me to thinking… I wonder if people would buy them if the library made them available for sale on Teh Internets. We’d have to get school board approval, etc, etc, but if they each sold for $1 or $2 including shipping, they’d recoup that toner/plastic cost in no time.

What do you think, Internets, would you buy a hand crafted bookmark designed by a book-loving elementary child? What if the proceeds benefited the library itself? Should I push my darling wife to get board approval for such an endeavor?

Also — CONGRATS LYDIA! Way to go!!!!


  1. Ok, I’m filling out the fund raiser form…any suggestions on price? Sell per bookmark? In a set? How much per month for the bookmark of the month?

  2. The form is signed and going to the school board for approval! Stay tuned to purchase extremely cute bookmarks for only $1 ea!!! Thanks everyone!

  3. I’ve been leaning toward my nook lately, but maybe you could make some with some “post-it” style sticky on one side? That’d be a good bookmark for an e-reader.

    OK, kinda useless, but pretty anyway. And on second thought, I’d enjoy seeing the confusion on people’s faces when they think I think I need a bookmark for my nook.

  4. wow i agree this post ..This design of bookmark is beautiful i love the priceless..Thank you for sharing this good news..:)

  5. I probably wouldn’t buy one…but I’d be happy to donate money or supplies, instead.Thanks for sharing.

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