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Star Trek Mug!!!

My family drove to a beautiful home on the shore of Lake Huron today for lunch. Thankfully, the home is owned by friends (actually, my former boss — he retired), and they were expecting us. When we arrived, they had gifts for the family, and the coffee mug below is one that I think he’s had for years, but wanted to give me because he thought I would appreciate it. He was correct. 🙂

We Like The Moon (and Perigee!)

Tonight, the full moon is also the Perigee Moon — which means it’s actually at it’s closest point to us. Here in northern Michigan, we have a beautiful clear night as well, so the view is spectacular. In celebration of the Full, Perigee moon, I give you the Spongemonkey’s rendition of, “We Like the Moon.” You’re welcome. 🙂

If I Were a Star

browndwarf.jpgA literal star I mean. I would want to be a brown dwarf. They just look cool, what with their eerie glowingness and all.

If I couldn’t be a brown dwarf, I would want to be a star large enough to go supernova, because I think that’d be fun. I’d also want to be large enough to be a black hole, or at least a neutron star. I mean, that’s some cool stuff.

If I couldn’t be a star, I’d settle for a failed star, like Jupiter. At least it emanates light. It’s just so gassy, it seems a little lame. But I could have red storms and stuff. That’d be cool.

So if you could be a heavenly body, what would you be?