Sucking Sucks, A Runners Tale

Be thankful it's not smell-o-vision...

Today is the 7th run on my path to running a 5K. It’s my 4th day straight, which is pretty cool. I hope to continue with my daily runs, even if they’re small runs. Building up that habit is something I’ll be really proud of. But…

I really suck at running.

No really, that’s not a false humility sorta thing. I’m not fishing for compliments. But today was the first time I had to jog 3 minutes straight. Oh. My. Word. It’s unbelievable how difficult it was to stay trudging along at 5MPH for 3 consecutive minutes.

I have friends who are “runners”, and I often see them talk about the “short 5 mile run” they took that morning. Or, “it was rough between miles 6-8, but the last 7 were smooth.” I’m really happy for them, and it’s cool they can run like that. The problem is, if I look at the math, at my current rate of improvement, it will take approximately 6 millennia for me to get to that level of ability.

I know, I’m just whining now, but I’m not even running! I almost died from jogging for 3 minutes. It’s difficult to imagine jogging an entire 5K, much less running that far. And taking a “short 5 mile run” any time in the foreseeable future? Ugh.

Anyone else have a difficult time imagining themselves as real “runners”? I sure do…


  1. janiece65 says:

    If you “run” – however slowly – you’re a runner. At least that’s what I tell myself…

  2. Megan says:

    I took up Nordic walking after failing my attempts to run.

  3. Wyatt R says:

    I find that ‘speed’ walking over longer distances let’s me build stamina, then just progressively go faster! Biking everywhere is also good!

  4. Anne C. says:

    I’m with Janiece. As for conditioning (which is really the issue) any kind of physical exercise is going to increase your conditioning gradually – pretty much the only way you’re going to increase conditioning. Walking up hill is my favorite way to do that. 🙂

  5. codebyspoon says:

    The heck with what they all say. Keep running, slow down and establish a pace you can maintain, while working, for the distance. Also, if you battle weight like I do, make sure you are learn to run on the the balls of your feet. Don’t give up!

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