30 Hours Later…

Boy am I tired. This update won’t be as elaborate as I planned, because I need to get some rest — but here’s the skinny:

* We had 27 kids attend the 30 Hour Famine
* Our original goal was to collect $360 (This feeds a child for a year)
* We raised over $3000. w00t!
* Did I mention I’m tired?

…also, leaving on a plane at 6:10AM tomorrow morning. Details later, iffen I can get some rest!

6 thoughts on “30 Hours Later…

  1. He’s sleep-ing on a jet plane
    Don’t when he will sleep again
    Oh babe,

    he hates

    to gooooooo.

    And congrats to you, the kids, and all the people who donated!

  2. Congrats on the fund raiser. I also remember doing it as a kid, but I think we did it as an awareness campaign instead of raising funds. Good on the teenagers for getting involved (and the adults that help them).

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