10 thoughts on “What’s Up With Me and Tentacles?

  1. Sublimated fixation with hentai.

    You know that’s what you were expecting someone to say…

  2. Try selling the idea to you’re wife like this.

    Giant tentacles on the house!
    Great idea or GREATEST idea?

  3. And sadly the store where you at one time could buy tentacles no longer has them.

    And I’m with Tania on the hentai thing. And which I so don’t get.

  4. I think that everything readily available to consumers should come with a tentacle option.

    A MINI Cooper? British racing green? With tentacles? Cool.

    A Nintendo Wii extra tentacular special edition? Supercool.

    A picnic table with tentacles? Oh, never mind. 😉

    A new Ikea desk set for my home office – with tentacles. Cool.

    New barstools for my kitchen island, with tentacles. Supercool.

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