4 thoughts on “I Can’t Sleep

  1. If you won’t disturb Donna, see if you can put on an audiobook, preferably with a Neil Gaiman or Alan Rickman narration. Lay back, relax and see if that helps you get into a state of slumber.

    Good luck.

    ::offers cocoa, soft blanket, and sympathies::

  2. Well,

    I’m a little too late to help out with this. However, since you’ve chosen to browse my library instead of taking movie tickets, I suggest you choose one of the more boring titles as ammunition for the next time this happens.

    I can suggest some real snoozers.

  3. There’s also always the warm milk routine. Maybe add some turkey too if you have any, for extra tryptophan action.

  4. Pulling at random from my professional bookcase, can I suggest The Earned Value Management Maturity Model as a surefire cure for insomnia? Shoot, just a move in the direction of the book will send your sleep hormones screaming into overdrive and you’ll have to be careful not to fall, poleaxed, and hit your head where you are.

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