Off I Go…

I’m off to LinuxWorld this morning. Admittedly, usually I consider 3AM as part of the previous night, but the airport is 2 hours away, and my plane leaves early anyway. Ugh.

I’m not really complaining. I hear San Francisco is beautiful this time of year, and I’m looking forward to hanging out with the whole Linux Journal crew. It’s just that I’m not a morning person.

Oh, and I’m positive I forgot something. Really, it’s an aching, horrible feeling. I’ve checked to make sure I’m wearing pants several times already this morning.

Here’s hoping no one reads this for hours to come!

12 thoughts on “Off I Go…

  1. Oooh! Is The Stinking Rose (garlic restaurant) still in business in SF? It was excellent when I was there. (But that’s a fair bunch of years ago.)

  2. Coming back to Michigan late Friday night, but going straight to Ohio, then back on Sunday night for work Monday morning.

    That sounds horribly “not fun” to me… 🙂

  3. I just remembered after leaving my last comment, that you were so tired this morning double checking for pants to be on. This weekend I was so tired getting ready for work, I did forget to put on deodorant!! Lucky for me I work in a nursing home, where they supply deodorant so I just squirted some on.
    We are coming north the week of the 11th. Bills brother leaves soon for Wayne State and wants to golf some with him before he leaves. Any chance we can all get together at moms again?

  4. With me it’s pajamas. I forget pajamas. So I end up sleeping in my dirty clothes. Ewww.

    You’ve been traveling a lot this summer. Have you enjoyed it, overall? Other than the mornings?

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