Poopsie Bubbletush

I've never read these, but my kids think they're great.Look, sometimes things are fun and funny for no reason apart from absurdity. Things like whoopie cushions, LOLCats, and peeing in the snow. Today, we’ll say to celebrate Inauguration Day, I give you permission to be completely silly. The best way to start is with your new name provided Professor Poopypants from Captain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor Poopypants. Without further ado:

Professor Poopypants’ Name Generator

Yours truly,
Poopsie Bubbletush

11 thoughts on “Poopsie Bubbletush

  1. Great another way to waste my day…You are not helping my productivity mister!
    Don’t forget to send this to Nathan….I am sure by now he is running out of alias…what with him being a super spy and all.

    Pinky Cootiefanny
    (aka The Warden/UCF)

  2. It’s good to know that someone is on the ball for giving people secret agent names. I’m sure Nathan will be proud.

    Zippy Hiney

  3. And since it clearly had to be done: A certain individual we all love so dearly, another Dr. without a PhD?…His name is Boobie Applechunks.


  4. If I’m Shawns MOM, my new name is
    Poopsie Bubble

    If I use what other people know me as I’m
    Loopy Bananachunks

    Quite interesting

  5. I have to comment again, after having spent a day at work and showing your blog and this Captain underware thing. If you could have only been there, everyone was roaring, near rolling on the floor, we were checking out everyones name. Then, we had a meeting after work, everyone had to go by their new name to be recognized… Oh my gosh what a hoot lol and fun by all we renamed everyone it was great!

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