Shawn’s Super Quick Netflix Wii-view

Got my disk in the mail, and thought I’d stop home at lunch to try it out. Here are my thoughts, shot out into quick bullets:

  • The interface is the best Netflix interface I’ve used yet. It’s easy to navigate your queue, similar titles, recent additions to the streaming library, etc.
  • Activating your Wii is painless, and done online. (Like the PS3 and Roku) No need to try typing your email address and password into the Wii.
  • For those of you that have a hacked Wii with a USB drive for storing games — good news, the Netflix disk rips quickly, and runs from USB with no problems whatsoever.

So basically, I have a Netflix disk for a Wii if anyone wants to use it. AND, I suspect you’ll be able to download the Netflix Wii ISO from nefarious sites everywhere shortly. Heck, if you twist my arm I might rip it myself. (But I’ll never admit it online, because that would be RONG. πŸ™‚ )

And now? Back to work… ttfn

UPDATE: Wow, look, a fancy download link for a WiiNetflix.iso file. I’m not claiming to be responsible, but, um… Yeah. You can trust the link. πŸ™‚

UPDATE THE SECOND: Yes, it’s only 37MB compressed. It expands to 4.7GB. Also, contrary to popular belief, I’m not a douche. πŸ˜‰

UPDATE THE LAST: You don’t need an ISO file anymore, there is a Netflix channel. If you need to install the new shopping channel so you can download Netflix, but don’t want to update your system, check out THIS LINK. Cheers!

49 thoughts on “Shawn’s Super Quick Netflix Wii-view

  1. No, it’s not a fake, and it’s not corrupt. I zipped it with 7-zip, and used maximum compression. It expands to a 4.7GB ISO file. I just downloaded it to a second computer (a Mac even) to make sure nothing got corrupted in the upload.

    No need to name call, just get a decent decompression tool.

  2. Don’t’cha just love it when somebody is offered something completely gratis as a friendly service and then acts like a jerk about it? I mean, even if it was a corrupted file, let’s just say, “if,” it’s not like a certain jerk lost anything from the attempt of a nice guy to offer up something and make it freely available because that’s just how he rolls.

    Hey, “PO’d,” if there was something wrong with the file, maybe instead of acting like a jerkwad (and I’ll assume it’s because you’ve had a long week like a lot of the rest of us, and not because that’s how you usually act) you could’ve just written something like, “Hey, Shawn, thanks for offering the file but there seems to be something wrong with it….” And then, knowing Shawn, he’d go and fix the problem because, like I said, that’s just how Shawn rolls. I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve mentioned a Linux issue on my blog and Shawn’s gone out of his way to offer up helpful and useful suggestions, including times he went out of his way, if he didn’t immediately have an answer, to take time out of his schedule to consult with other folks to offer his help.

    It’s not really dignified to jump all over someone who tried to do something nice, “PO’d.” Just for future reference. (It’s also, just for future reference, nice to apologize if, as I suggested, you’re not really a jerk and just acted like one because you’re tired or something. For future reference.)

  3. Thanks for the mysterious iso file!

    I just realized netflix was giving these out online today… so it will be awhile until mine arrives.. this way I can try it now.

    Thanks again!

  4. Disc works, but my netflix site just says my disc is reserved and has no space to enter the code ??? something im missing. oh well

  5. “Disc works, but my netflix site just says my disc is reserved and has no space to enter the code ??? something im missing. oh well”

    Lookie what I found: πŸ˜€

    That link works.. even if NetFlix hasn’t sent you a Wii disc yet. πŸ˜‰

  6. maybe im just being completely slow today but for whatever reason the iso wont burn using toast on my mac

    any suggestions? nice job though with the compression! πŸ™‚

  7. I’m having the same problem with Toast on my Mac saying it’s a none system format. On my windows machine using Nero it burned but the WII machine couldn’t recognize it as a disk. I’m stumped.

  8. You have to have a hacked wii able to play “backup” games.

    checkout USB Loader GX,

    Also, the iso compresses that much because it’s full of 0’s, there is only 30 or so megs of real data.

  9. no my wii is already modded – i just used disk utility to burn the iso

    works great! its just been one of those days lol

  10. I downloaded the file, extracted it. I then burned it to a DVD-R Disk. I get a read fail error on my Wii. I am sure it is something I am doing. Do I need to burn it to a dual layer … + or – … This is the first time I am burning a DVD so it is probably operator error. I am using Nero for burn software FYI.

  11. You rock. Thank you so much. No idea when Netflix will deliver my disk even though I requested in well over a week ago.

    On the D word. Come on! I reserve douche for my worst enemies. Plenty of people revel in being a ass, jerk, bitch, or worse. No one wants to be a douche. Unless maybe your handle is ‘pissed off’. WTF?

    Thanks again.

  12. yo… works 100 percent. tested on soft mod 4.1 wii with usb loader gx and wiiflow. also a side note,. to activate…you do need to be a member of netflix. log on and you can go to to activate.

  13. Wait, so where is the channel as you have done all of this? Am I missing something? Does the disc/iso need to be run everytime?

  14. Shawn, I got my Netflix disk today and when I put it in the drive the first thing I get is a message saying I need to update my Wii, My wii is modded, I can’t update it right? any suggestions? Thanks Sorry, I just don’t know much about the mod thing.

  15. Any tips on how to burn the iso image so it is recognized by the wii. I burned image directly from iso to the disc, I did not copy the iso to the disc as a file. Typical type burn I would think… any magic?

  16. I downloaded the file and have tried to burn it several times on my mac with toast and disk utility, but nothing has worked. does it need to be decompressed first? the wii just cant read the disc at all.

  17. is there anyway to access the download while online with the Wii and download it straight to the console instead of disk? just ma luck I am outa that size disk.
    thanks inadvance,

  18. Thanks for this info and a download link to the ISO! Netflix was just released in Canada today, so I’m eager to try out the Wii integration. I’ll try installing to my Wii tonight and report back, but I see no reason why the USA disk would not work for us Canadians.

  19. Well, turns out the USA ISO will not work in Canada – as soon as I load the app it says the service is not available in Canada.

    So I’ll have to just wait for the DVD to arrive in the mail I guess :/

  20. I couldn’t get the USA ISO to work in Canada either. I get an error message saying “This device cannot instantly stream from Netflix in your area. Visit to see a full list of devices that instantly stream from Netflix.”

  21. i’ve several times as well to burn the iso and my wii can’t read it. i have a modded wii. i tried -R and +R discs and nothing. I keep getting disc error when I try to load it on my wii. i even tried to use usb loader to load it and the same error. burned it at 1x as well. any ideas?

  22. I have tried to unzip the iso using 7-zip but I cannot get it to work. I am IT-challenged so a step by step tutorial would be great. Thanks.

  23. but my wii is modded so that would require an update and trip to “mod” guy (and some $) to re-mod. was hoping to same the time and $ of getting re-mod.

  24. I know that Netflix no longer requires a disc and that this issue is dead. However, I can not install the channel due not being able to install system update. Any other ideas on how to install the channel ? Any ideas would greatly help.

    I unlike other ppl do appreciate any help. even if it is “go read this link”.

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